Famous American comedian Rory Scovel was the recent interview guest of Conan O’Brien and revealed and untold details about his admiration for Tool and Maynard James Keenan.

As you might check out the conversation below, Rory admitted that he is scheduling his performances to catch every single show of Tool.

You can read the conversation right below, transcribed by Alternative Nation.

Conan O’ Brien asked this:

“Explain, you are setting your whole comedy schedule so you can follow your favorite band Tool on their tour.”

Rory Scovel responded:

“We’re trying to leech off of them, and then try to see their shows.

Literally, any city that they’re in, we’ll get there the night before or the night after, obviously not the night of, we don’t want to take away from their show.

Then we go see them, we do standup, and we go off to the next city. We act like we’re in the band, but we’re not, we’re just three guys giving speeches each night.”

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You can watch some part of the show right below.