The versatile frontman of Tool, Puscifer and A Perfect Circle, Maynard James Keenan, was pretty silent on social media for a while. He broke his social media silence on his official Twitter account to make a stunning statement about the Grammy Awards.

In the tweet, Maynard James Keenan had shared an interview video of himself. In this interview, he was making a very striking statement about The Grammy Awards.

As you may know, Maynard likes to spend time with his wine product, and he has a very big vineyard. In the interview, Maynards has said that the wine business takes precedence over Grammys. If you click here, you can watch the interview which mentioned above.

Today, he shared the interview video on his own Twitter account and continued to make some interesting statements due to this tweet.

Here’s what he wrote in the tweet:

“Not every day you are blessed with a Grammy. Grateful to be able to make both Wine and Music.

@azvignerons @caduceuscellars @merkinvineyards @Tool @puscifer @aperfectcircle


You can see the tweet right below.