Tool and Puscifer frontman Maynard James Keenan has shared a new video on Puscifer’s official Instagram account and made an important announcement for the fans who are expecting a new album from them.

As we all know, Tool singer Maynard James Keenan is running the official social media accounts of Puscifer himself. He broke his social media silence with a new video that he shared from the studio and announced that they’re working on a new studio album right now.

Here’s what he wrote for describing what he’s taking in that video:

“That son of a so and so @jamesihaofficial is working on some special sauce in our shared studio. #therecanbeonlyone

So we’re “slumming” it next door. @carinaround @matmitchell #puscifer2021 #doinstuff #puscifer #analogheaven #createsomethingwitheverybreathwedraw @bluemicrophones”

If you look at the tags that Maynard used, he paid attention to 2021 for the potential release date of the new album of Puscifer.

A fan named Morty commented:

“Maynard’s work ethic is starting to make me feel like a lazy bastard.”

Another fan named Barnes said:

“Excited for new music!! 🔥”

Check out the Instagram post below.