Puscifer and Tool’s iconic frontman Maynard James Kenan has shared a new tweet on his verified personal Twitter account and revealed the reason why he was incorrect saying “Comedy First & Always.”

Maynard stated that he will take coffee before everything.

Here is what he wrote:

“We always say Comedy First & Always. We were incorrect. Coffee Before Anything. #greetthesun #greetthegrapes 50 tons in and going strong. #arizonavinetage2019 #awga

A user named ToolandAPC responded and wrote this:

“You deserve it. New single #FearInoculum is a masterpiece. Danny on the drums is literally hard to fathom being done by one human.

Are we sure he is of this planet? Can’t wait for the entire album to be released. Wish it was going to be on vinyl as it’s the only way to truly 👂🏻”

You can see the tweets below.