After Tool’s latest performance in Krakow, Poland, a Reddit user named ‘surdert’ posted an interesting story about the concert and revealed how Maynard James Keenan got really mad at the sound guy behind the stage.

Here is what he wrote:

“We did not get CCTrip nor intermission. Instead, we got a 3-minute drum solo. Looked like the band had some issues with communication during that part as if Maynard wanted to go behind the stage – no response from the others, so he went behind Danny anyways looking somewhat mad.

Adam and Justin stayed on stage while Danny went on but on the sides, you could see Maynard behind Danny during the solo. Then after the solo ended, Maynard got back up and leaned over against the plexi-thing between him and Danny and looked like he was going ”what’s going on?”

Surdert also shared the story of how Maynard got really mad at sound guy.

Here is the rest of the story:

“I hope someone recorded Stinkfist, Maynard added something that sounded like ”You fucked this up …… fuck you!” something like that, towards the sound guy. No joke haha!

The sound in the arena was ON POINT, you could even hear Danny’s snare when he pulled some ghost notes. So clear and crisp – props to the sound guys!

I’ll give this show a 8/10 as it’s easier to describe the feelings I had with a number instead of words, it was that good! ✨”

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