The legendary frontman of Tool and Puscifer, Maynard James Keenan witnessed an interesting police arrestmen during his latest concert in Milwaukee.

A Reddit user named Chimmycam revealed how police forces arrested some fan during the concert, and how Maynard James reacted to that interesting incident.

Here is the Chimmycam’s post:

“What did Maynard say when the police tried to arrest the guy in the white long-sleeve Tool shirt smoking a joint?

Near the end of the concert, When the police shined their flashlights all over that dude smoking a joint 3 levels above them, what did Maynard say to make those cops go away?”

He continued:

The cops were on the bottom floor and the guy smoking was on the 3rd floor up. They stopped the show for a minute while they shined their bright flashlights at him and tried to get to him, as he continued to smoke his joint.

Maynard said something and they finally went away.”

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