Tool’s and his side-band, Puscifer’s legendary frontman Maynard James Keenan’s old-time buddy and MMA Fighter, Matthew Brown posted a recent photo of Maynard which he flips-off him.

Here is what Matthew wrote about the photo:

“With the new @toolmusic album coming out soon I’d like to let you all know who is a fan of @theimmortalcoffee the one and only @puscifer and I’m a fan of his @caduceuscellars wine.”

A user named kc_chorizo commented:

“He had a lot of nothing to say… ☕️”

mannymuaythai wrote this:

“Hell ya Matt, just listened to him on Rogan. Ready for that album drop!”

Another user named maciekjk:

“A Maynard’s fan that Maynard is a fan of!!!! Kudos to you mr @iamtheimmortal!!!”

You can see the photo right below.