Tool and Puscifer’s iconic frontman, Maynard James Keenan‘s untold story during the recording process of their latest studio album, Fear Inoculum, revealed by the bassist of the band, Justin Chancellor.

Chancellor was the recent interview guest of Visions Magazine, and he said that Maynard got really annoyed with his bandmates after preparing for fine-tuning and the definite the song endings for a year.

Visions Magazine:

“At some point, you four stand in a room and play music?”

Justin Chancellor:

“Yeah, this time it was about two years ago. What a long time. We played together for about two weeks. Then and there we decided which pieces to record.

Additionally, we kept one or two things open, as we always do, to spontaneously build something out of it, together.

After those two weeks, we did the fine-tuning and the definite song endings – for a year. During that time Maynard annoyed us to no end *laughs* he really wanted to go in the studio!”

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