As you might remember from our recently published article, Tool icon Maynard James Keenan posted a new photo on the official Instagram account of Puscifer and revealed his thoughts on the decision of the American Government to close restaurants.

Tool icon hasn’t posted anything new neither on his official social media account nor Puscifer’s account for a while but he’s responding to some fans’ comments to express his feelings about the ongoing ban.

An Instagram user named stmichels77 commented on the same post’s comment section and asked that if the paycheck protection program is helping Maynard economically… Maynard responded and revealed that the protection program is not fertile enough to cover their loss.

Here is what stmichels77 wrote:

“Is the Paycheck Protection Program providing any help to restaurant owners? It seems promising on the surface but I’m curious if it’s working practice.”

Maynard James Keenan responded:

“So far no results. And those of our crew that has been sent home still haven’t seen their unemployment checks. Over 100 employees in limbo. As soon as we see what is happening with PPP vs Unemployment, we can make the adjustment to get them covered one way or another.

Meanwhile, we’re doing weekly Picnic Packs using our duck eggs, greenhouse produce, our fresh bread and dried pasta and a few other items. But that won’t pay their rent.”

You can check out the conversion behind that post below.