Tool and Puscifer frontman, Maynard James Keenan, has shared a new video on Puscifer’s official Instagram account and made a crucial statement about the coronavirus epidemic.

As we all know, many people in the world have suffered due to coronavirus disease, which is spreading to the world for 3 months. People started to take some health measures to prevent this disease from spreading further.

The 55-year-old legendary musician jumped to social media to warn people to stay at home and continue to follow social distancing rules.

Here’s what Maynard James Kenaan stated:

“It’s gonna be alright. Strap in, stay home, stay clean, and we’ll get ahead of this ass hat virus. (Yes I’m touching my face. Get over it)”

An Instagram user commented and said:

“Very important, now we want a song about the virus. 😘”

Another fan jokingly wrote:

“Can I touch your face too”

Watch the Instagram video below.