According to the latest report of the Reddit user named MikeB32, Tool had two different accidents in their latest show in Atlantic City.

According to that Reddit users, frontman Maynard James Keenan sprained his ankle really bad and his bandmate, bassist Justin Gunnar Walter Chancellor had food poisoning.

Here is what Mikeb32 said in Reddit:

“Appreciation of MJK and Justin after the Atlantic City show. Maynard said he sprained his ankle really bad and Justin had food poisoning. Also said the show might not have happened.

Thankfully it did and those guys played fucking hard. They didn’t have to go that hard, but they did that. They did that for us.”

Another Reddit user, ThePatient1982 responded and clarified the issue:

“Yea calf muscle pull..but either way they were warriors struggling to move forward!!! And they trampled right through us like a freaking 10,000 man army!!! Wohooo what a freakin night!

Maynard pulled the muscle during the show..because Justin was sick was the only reason the show almost didn’t happen. Calf injury was just an ‘oh shit this sux’ moment. He actually still was squatting and swaying after he stated the info though.

My brother was in a different part of the arena and saw him limping bad behind the stage”

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