The iconic frontman of Tool, Maynard James Keenan recently interviewed by Joe Rogan and talked about their new album “FEAR INOCULUM” which will be released on August 30.

Maynard also revealed interesting information about Oxycodone addiction and explained the real reason why scientist invented that drug.

Here are the statements of Maynard, transcribed by Alternative Nation:

“Kind of on topic, but kind of off-topic but the purpose when Oxycotin first came out was that they discovered in that drug something that interpreted and helped people who were, you know, meth and heroin addicts. It was helping them get sober and getting them off the heroin because it replaced that feeling that was getting – the dopamine, womb-like feeling.”

He continued:

“That escapist thing that they were getting from heroin so they would get and use the Oxycotin. One problem was that, unless you cut your hands off you’re gonna take another one. So you’ve just replaced the heroin with another thing that’s a dopamine dump.

Now, they are finding that this whole process of likes and validating or not validating. You get depressed because nobody likes your post, it’s the same thing.

It’s affects the same part of your brain and they are finding that there is that absolute connection. So if you can’t go ten minutes without looking at your phone, you are an addict. The actual chemical reaction in your body to the charge you get and the fact that it’s fed by adjusted titles, whatever the headline is. If they’re not getting it they adjust the headline to see if it gets you now and then you click on it and go: “That’s the one!”, then they adjust that one then it’s the rat hitting the cocaine button.”

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