Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan has reacted to a tweet he got from a fan on Twitter today. In recent days, he is rarely posting new tweets and responses on social media, but we can say that if he writes something, that would be for trolling someone else.

Today, he has responded to a fan on Twitter for mocking someone as usually. And as you can see below, his new target is Bill D.

A fan named Benjamin wrote to Maynard:

“I predict a very pungent campaign from Bill D in 2020 @puscifer @mjkeenan #Berger2020 #👃 #dadjokesintheformofhashtags”

Maynard responded with hashtags and said:

“#2020votebillyd #howmuchworsecoulditbe @puscifer puscifer20211″

A fan named Shofie Vet commented:

“Hahaha great answer”

Another fan named Jere said:

“Bro, no shit you should. At least for the giggles of it”

You can reach the tweet of Maynard below.