Puscifer and Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan had a recent Twitter conversation with a fan and defended his bandmates against him.

As you can read below, Maynard has responded to a claim that Puscifer is not a band. A fan said ‘I wouldn’t really call Puscifer a band’, and Maynard reacted harshly.

Here is the conversation between those two…


“Perhaps this is an unpopular opinion, but is one of the most and best psychedelic bands of this era.”

Whitley commented:

“I wouldn’t really call Puscifer a band. It seems to be one man and hired guns. Not a collaboration of musical ideas.”

And then Maynard chimed in:

“Mat Mitchell is a stand alone force of nature. A true talent. And an essential core of Puscifer writing, engineering, producing, and mixing. Since 2006.

Carina Round completes that trinity. Collaborating with us since 2009. Collaborative writing process starting w Mat Mitchell. A Band.”

You can see the tweets below: