One of the most legendary frontmen of this era, Tool star Maynard James Keenan was recently interviewed by Max Brearley of Gourmette Traveler Time and revealed an untold story of why he moved to Arizona.

He also responded to the ‘kickback’ claims and shared his thoughts about that accusations.

Here is what Keenan said:

Max Brearley:

“I ask Keenan whether his entry into the wine community, as someone with means and celebrity, has caused any kickback from the wider industry over the years. He tells me that kickback would suggest they were even paying attention to what’s going on.”

Maynard Responded:

“So, not kickback, they didn’t know we were here. We just continued on our merry way. We have a lot of activity at the state and federal level, fighting for our rights to self distribute and to exist. We do a lot of work with the Capital and just letting people know what’s going on with our region.

We don’t get a lot of love in California, a little bit of love in Arizona but it’s still an uphill struggle. I didn’t expect to see it from Colorado, New York, Texas. Maybe there’s just too much information in the world. There’s so much that people just don’t have the bandwidth to take on another new thing until it’s an actually established thing.

There’s no hurry, so we’re just fighting the good fight and trying to do the right thing, to survive, without cutting corners. We’re dug in like ticks, we’re not going anywhere.”

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