In a recent interview that published by Alternative Nation, Tool and A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan has revealed the best place to write a new songs.

He has shared the reason of why he’s living in Sedona, and said:

“There is definitely an environmental influence but I wouldn’t really call it isolated. I do a lot of traveling. Just now with the internet and everything that goes on. I live in Sedona which is second most visited spot in Arizona besides the major cities, so it’s pretty busy.”

On his best place to write songs, he said:

“As far as being able to find head-space, to clear out all the noise I can do that anywhere, really. Just sit in my truck, with a thing called a compact disk and this thing called a pen and some paper on the clipboard and just try and work on stuff in my truck. Which is really the best place to be.

If you’re on your computer, you’re in your house, you can be disturbed but seeing someone across the way in a vehicle, by himself, muttering, no one approaches that person.”

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Two weeks ago, he has shared the recent details of Tool’s upcoming album on Twitter. He said that the album will be released in mid of May or mid of July 2019. Here’s the statement:

“Update- Midway through mixing. Most likely be a few recalls. Then some arguing. Then Mastering, Artwork, Video, Special Packaging, etc. Best Ballpark Guess- Release date somewhere between Mid May and Mid July. More focused updates to follow as we progress. @tool #simplemath”

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