During a new interview with Kerrang!, Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer singer Maynard James Keenan has revealed the reason of why he’s using Twitter.

Interviewer asked:

“Explain something to us: what are you doing on Twitter? There’s a line from British comedy ‘The Thick of It’ that comes to mind, where a character who has a blog says it’s like opening the ‘shit room door’…”

Maynard responded:

“[Laughs] Basically, it’s for the wine, and for Puscifer, it’s been an instrumental piece in us being a completely independent project with no label behind it.

Twitter is an unfortunate part of the business now. You used to have to go through this series of doors to get to your audience and expand your base, but now with social media, you can get there more quickly, and somewhat on your own terms.”

He also talked about his relationship with A Perfect Circle guitarist Billy Howerdel, and said:

“I’m the guy who pulls him forward. When he gets in a studio he loses his way a little bit; he’s that guy who doesn’t know when the painting is finished. He wants to keep going and I feel my role is to drag him out of the closet.

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