Tool legend Maynard James Keenan keeps his social media silence on his personal accounts. However, he continues using his side band Puscifer’s official Instagram account to respond to fans’ comments on the posts.

As you might already remember, US President Donal Trump made a really bizarre statement this week and claimed that coronavirus could be defeated by injecting alcohol/disinfectants to the human body.

While lots of social media personality commented about that weird solution, Tool and Puscifer legend Maynard didn’t remain silent and shared what was his first reaction when he heard Trump.

An Instagram user named kelly.jacqueline.079 commented on one of the latest posts of Puscifer:

“Yay, now I don’t need to inject myself with disinfectant and light. 😂”

Maynard responded using Puscifer’s official account:


You can check out the latest post and comment of Maynard James Keenan below.

Photo Credit: Maynard James Keenan Instagram