Tool and Puscifer’s iconic frontman Maynard James Keenan had a new interview with Apple Music Beats 1 and responded to the harsh criticisms about Tool’s absence on streaming services for years, which has ended last month.

According to Maynard, it has nothing to do with him and any of his bandmates. Maynard said that when they recorded their music, their part is done already.

Here are the statements of Maynard James Keenan, transcribed by Alternative Nation.

“You spend all this time creating a thing, but once that song is done, once you’ve written it, you’ve all agreed on it, and you’ve recorded it for posterity, it is now recorded.

Nothing really you’re going to do is going to undo that. If you want to listen to it through this can, that’s not up to me. My part is done.

We wrote, recorded, have done the thing. So if you’re one of those artists out there holding out, like, “I’m only going to sell my music through this medium,” shut up. Get on with it.”

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