Tool and Puscifer’s photographer Tim Cadiente has posted another bizarre photo of Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan via his verified Instagram account today.

Tim Cadiente photographed Maynard James Keenan in a really bizarre attitude which you can see at the bottom, he was lying on the floor like he’s dead.

Tim also told the backstory of that photo in a recent Instagram post and said:

“On safari with the @fujifilmx_us. X-T3. As you can see on the display I captured this brutal scene of this wild beast finishing its prey. As the beast made eye contact with me, I clutched my @dsptch camera strap knowing that at any moment I could also be on a journey through the Circle of Life.

As the beast and I looked at each other in the eyes we found ourselves in a staring contest for about 33 mins. After I won the contest the beast continued with its celebration.

As a wildlife photographer, I’m well aware of the dangers of getting the shot. Today I am just happy to be alive to tell this story.”

Check out the Instagram post of Tim below.