A Perfect Cirle and Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan pays tribute to Swiss actor Bruno Ganz and winemaker Gianfranco Soldera with a statement on Twitter.

Bruno and Gianfranco were passed away yesterday. Maynard descriped them as “great influences on his path.” On Twitter, he wrote:

“The world of wine and film has suffered two great loses today. #BrunoGanz #GianfrancoSoldera #casebasse #wingsofdesire Both of great influence on my path.

“I cannot see you, but I know you’re there.”

Condolences to all.”

A fan named Jilian Tester wrote to Maynard:

“Sorry for your loss…”

Maynard responded with simple word:

“Our. Our loss.”

Another fan named Marcia Adamski wrote:

“Sorry for our loss 💔”

Maynard replied with simple word again:


See the tweets below.