Tool’s new album is expecting with great anticipate. Band members says that their new album will come out very soon.

Vocalist of Tool, Maynard James Keenan, talked about different things in an interview with Yahoo. Speaking about Frank Zappa, the vocalist said it was dangerous to have a comedic style as a musician.

He said:

There’s a danger with being comedic as musicians. You either have to be all-in with the comedy like Tenacious D, who are fantastic performers and incredible vocalists, but the jokes are meant to be funny. And it comes directly from that place and that’s where it stays.

It’s far more rare that you have someone like Frank Zappa, who has humor throughout the music, but he made very serious music, and he got away with it.

Usually when a comedian tries to do music with a funny song, it’s dreadful. And when musicians try to have funny songs, there’s a very fine line. It’s very difficult to pull off. I think Puscifer is the closest I can get to actually achieving a good balance.

Maynard recently released new songs with side project Puscifer. The last song was released with a video featuring criticizing the new US President Donald Trump. Check it out below.