The recent studio album of Tool, Fear Inoculum’s well-known producer Joe Barresi had a recent interview with Pansado’s Place podcast, and he revealed a rare truth about Maynard James Keenan.

Joe Barresi announced that Maynard James Keenan recorded his parts of the album in his own bedroom.

Here is his statement, transcribed by Alternative Nation:

“That’s one thing I learned from working at Sound City. When you walk into a room and you’re not thinking about how much money you’re spending, and you’re actually making music, and you go into another room and it’s three times as much money, you start thinking: ‘Oh my god if I don’t sing today I just wasted a lot of money.’

So it looks like my bedroom when I was 17, pictures and whatever. So the Tool record we did elsewhere, except for the backend and the mixing was all done at my place.

We tracked the drums at Henson, Studio D. All their albums had been done on a Neve except 10,000 Days we cut on an API, this one we cut through Neve modules on an SSL, best of both worlds, we talked about that earlier. That fatness of the Neve, and the punchiness of the SSL instantly.”

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