The legendary frontmen of Puscifer, A Perfect Circle, and Tool, Maynard James Keenan’s former bandmate from the band named TexA.N.S, in the late 1980s exposed really golden-worth records from these days.

The keyboardist of the TEXA.N.S, Mike Meengs sent a recent Facebook post on his verified page and wrote this:

“Maynard lived down the street from me for a while, and we did a few small projects together in the late ’80s.

We started the TexANS together (with him on bass), did a couple coffee house gigs together, and recorded the first song that he wrote lyrics and sang on…

He’s one of my only friends that went on to super-stardom, and I’m super proud of his achievements!”

You can see Mike Meengs’ Facebook posts right below.

You can listen to the “Who Leads You” right below.

Photo Credits: Loudwire.