On the Reddit fan page of Tool, a fan revealed a never-seen-before handwritten letter of Maynard James Keenan, who is the singer of the band.

The source didn’t write clear information about why the letter was written. But there are some speculations about that. The source said that the letter was written by Maynard James Keenan, Adam Jones, Danny Carey, and Paul D’Amour after that censorship.

Here’s what written on the letter:

“It came to our attention recently that many stories across our fine and open-minded nation would not stock Undertow because of our explicit artwork.

Although we loathe being censored, we want your money (crossed out), we still want you to hear our music, so we took it out. However, it is available to you at no extra cost. Fill out the form, stick it in an envelope, mail it in, and we will send you the original artwork.

Love, Tool.”

A Reddit user named Buddy said:

“It’s funny that more recent CDs have the original artwork. I bought mine from FYE and they had it. Oh, it’s funny how the world works.”

Another fan named Mr. Mans said:

“Did they actually ever mail the artwork to anyone? Hate to say it but never really paid attention to the artwork in undertow as it was uninteresting. Especially when stacked up against what came with Aenima and Lateralus.”

Click here for the source of the report. You can see the screenshot of the letter below.

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