Tool’s legendary frontman Maynard James Keenan’s really rare and unseen photo with famous actor and Hollywood Vampires star, Johnny Depp exposed on social media.

An Instagram user named Anish Sengupta unearthed the photo of this iconic couple and wrote praised them with beautiful words.

Here is what’s written on the caption:

“The Pimp, the Poet and the Pirate
#toolband #maynardjameskeenan #icet #bodycount
#johnydepp #hollywoodvampires”

A user named anthonybiw made the most-liked comment:

“More like the pimp the poet and the wife beater…”

Anish responded to that controversial comment:

“That’s different… That you don’t like him. But calling him a wife beater without any proof is just wrong.. Btw you believed Johny Depp was a wife beater that was also a mainstream media thing.

Let’s not fuck our minds with these. We are here to respect art. That’s what we will do.”

You can see the photo right below.