Tool and Puscifer’s talented frontman and also a well-known businessman with his wine company, Maynard James Keenan, has shared a golden-worth photo on his official Twitter account today and unveiled one of the unknown sides of him to his followers.

While Maynard did not forget to celebrate Veterans Day which is a federal holiday in the United States to honor military veterans, he also showed that he was a member of The United Services Military Apprenticeship Program at the age of 19.

TUSMAP is one of the programs that is being operated by the Department of the Navy and it provides well-educated Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy service members to the army. It seems that Maynard was one of the Wrestling Team members of TUSMAP, and in the picture below, you may see him as the third guy in the second row.

Here is what Maynard wrote about the photo and Veterans Day:

“Veterans Day 2020. Virtual Fist Bump to all who served. Wrestling Team, USMAPS, Fort Monmouth, NJ Circa 1983-1984.”

You can check out that rare photo right below.