The Tool fan page which has one of the most followers on Instagram shared a really rare photo of Snoop Dogg and Tool’s legendary frontman Maynard James Keenan.

Here is what they wrote on the caption:

You can feel weed through this picture
#maynard #jameskeenan#maynardjameskeenan
#mjk#mjkeenan #lateralus #tool #toolband#toolarmy
#toolbandfan #tooltime#toolforlife #tool4life #snoopdogg”

Fans made really funny comments for the photo.

A user named pipa_santos8 said that:

“You must have been… High 😂”

Another use jay_millerkiller said that:

“The man! The legend! oh look snoop dog is there too thats neat”

js.ds.adv told this:

“I saw them both on stage at a show Houston or Dallas in the late 90s. Dozens of joints were thrown on stage for Snoop, which was a first for me, especially in the south in the 90s. Maynard played his set painted entirely blue. It was a memorable one!”

You can see that rare photo below.