During a recent interview with Kerrang! magazine, Tool and A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan has revealed the importance of discipline.

Interviewer asked ‘Given the fact you’ve been in the army, and study Brazilian jiu-jitsu, how important is discipline in your life?’, and Maynard responded:

“Discipline was almost forced on you because you couldn’t get anything done unless you did a thing. It’s harder for most people to understand discipline today, because everything is handed to you.

It was a lot easier for me growing up because there were walls and doors between me and the goal. Discipline didn’t come easier, but there was stimulus to develop it.”

He also talked about his relationship with A Perfect Circle guitarist Billy Howerdell, and said:

“I’m the guy who pulls him forward. When he gets in a studio he loses his way a little bit; he’s that guy who doesn’t know when the painting is finished. He wants to keep going and I feel my role is to drag him out of the closet.”

Interviewer asked:

“What is the most frustrating thing about being Maynard James Keenan?”

Maynard said:

“Hmm… time. The lack of it, and the changes that come with it moving on. But I think that’s the same for anybody, really.”

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