Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer singer, and also winemaker, Maynard James Keenan spoke in an interview with Kerrang! Magazine, and talked about the meanings behind his musical works.

Interviewer asked:

“Your work invites a huge amount of speculation. People seem to want you to tell them that their theories about the meanings behind your music are correct…

Maynard replied:

“Yes and I’m not going to do that [laughs], and that’s mainly because there isn’t just one explanation. Some things are subjective, and some things are not.

Some things are logical: take a step back, take away all the grandiose stuff and the idol-worship part, and look at something practically and you’ll come up with an answer that’s fucking reasonable – rather than this crazed Twitterverse of horseshit. Shut the door to the shit room.”

Interviewer said:

“When you listened to comedy records when you were younger, did you consider that more rebellious than music?”

Maynard responded:

“Yes. If you have any Irish-Italian blood in you, you definitely have a contrarian wiring. Comedy was always about the things you weren’t supposed to say, like in Fawlty Towers with the line, ‘Don’t mention the war,’ and of course, he fucking mentions the war.

“The whole foundation of the script for ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ is about what Larry David is not supposed to say. In ‘The Office’ it’s about saying the thing you’re not supposed to say even after saying the thing you’re not supposed to.”

Click here for the entire interview via Kerrang!