Press Release: Dewar PR

Progressive sludge metal band TORO have revealed a video for their track “Painting With Shadows”. The stunning track is taken from their recently released EP Departure.

Watch the video here:​

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About Toro:

TORO asks that you please pardon the smashed microphones and broken drumsticks after their set – they may be new to the scene, but genre-bending chaos is an oeuvre they’ve already mastered.

Founding members Pablo and Bruno met seeking to create a sound that combined metal with Latin rhythms and hook-laden melodies. They soon brought on alt-rocker Adam Mitchell as a second guitarist and Zack Hembree of doom/punks Music Hates You on vocals. With TORO’s core members in place, all they needed was a drummer who could both keep up with their unorthodox aggression and also bring in syncopated musicality. Jason Belisha of experimental math rockers Tiny Scissors was a perfect fit.

In their short tenure, TORO has released Departure, a five-song EP mixed by rock and metal luminary Matt Bayles, and shared bills with Samothrace, Mothership, and He Whose Ox is Gored. Their video for “Painting with Shadows” will be released this summer.

Toro is:

Pablo Davila
Zack Hembree
Adam Mitchell
Bruno Segovia
Jason Belisha