Animals as Leaders lead guitarist Tosin Abasi revealed the time when he discovered eight-string guitars after he downloaded Meshuggah‘s fourth album named ‘Nothing’ through Napster.

For those who may not know Napster, it was a pioneering file-sharing software that allowed its users to digital audio files in MP3 format. Since it was out in an era when the vast majority of the music was still physically purchased, Napster was a revolution and accessible to pretty much anyone.

However, it was completely illegal due to copyright infringement. In fact, Napster gained worldwide fame after the infamous lawsuit between them and the iconic band Metallica back in 2000. The lawsuit resulted in Metallica’s win since Napster was using their music without permission.

During a recent interview with Premier Guitar, Tosin Abasi admitted to using Napster back in 2002 in order to download Meshuggah’s fourth album named ‘Nothing.’ Abasi revealed that he first thought the audio was damaged, soon to realize and discover eight-string guitars for the first time.

Here is what Tosin Abasi stated about the time he downloaded Napster:

“I remember that experience and I remember when Meshuggah put out an album called ‘Nothing.’ It was right when Ozzfest was doing, it was probably 2002. I’ll never forget this. I downloaded it on Napster, and every once in a while on Napster, you would get a corrupt Mp3 and it would sound weird.”

Abasi continued:

“I thought I got the wrong sample rate, slowed it down, and pitched it down. They weren’t playing chords, they were doing these single note riffs. And I was like, ‘Something’s wrong with this Mp3, it is the wrong sample rate.

So I eventually found out they were on eight-string guitars and it’s very rare you have a new musical experience where you’re like, ‘I’ve never heard this before.’ Actually involving your instrument, that doesn’t happen super often.”

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