During a recent interview in Behind The Vinyl Podcast, Toto’s co-founder and guitarist, Steve Lukather, talked about The Beatles and revealed his favorite album of the iconic English rock band while applauding Ringo Starr’s drumming skills.

As you probably know, Steve Lukather has been leading a successful music career as the co-founder member of Toto since 1976. However, he is also known for his career as a session musician which has enabled him to record guitar tracks for approximately 1,500 albums and represent and a great number of artists and genres.

Lukather has also been touring with Ringo Starr’s love supergroup, the All-Starr Band, since 2012. In his recent interview, he talked about his close relationship with Ringo and revealed his favorite album of The Beatles in which he finds Ringo’s performance astounding.

‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ is the eighth studio album of The Beatles which was released on May 26, 1967. as it turns out, it is an album that brings tears to Lukather’s eyes every time he listens to it. In the interview, he said that he recently re-listened to the album, and coincidentally, Ringo called him right after he was done.

He went on to say that Ringo and he have been friends for nine years and that he highly appreciates his humbleness. Lukather praised Ringo’s drumming skills and said that while he was listening to some of his tracks, he would think that there is overdubbing as no one could play that well, but would soon find out that there actually isn’t.

Lukather also talked about the new ‘Get Back’ movie, the upcoming Beatles documentary, which he had the chance to watch as Ringo took him to a private screening. He stated that the press enjoyed coming up with stories considering the problems within the band but that the documentary clearly shows how much fun the band had playing together.

Here’s what Steve Lukather said in the interview:

“I just listened to it the other day and I cried, and then I got a Facetime from Ringo – how fucking weird is that? And I told him – we’re friends for nine years, and he loves it, he talks about it sometimes. But you know, it’s not something he wants to talk about 24-7. He goes, ‘It was 8 years of my fucking life, the best ones.’

He also realized the significance, but he’s not an egotistical man, he’s very humble. How many drummers do you know that just play the parts and know what song it is? No click tracks, no bullshit. I’ve heard some basic tracks where I thought there was a lot of overdubs, and there wasn’t.”

He went on to say:

“You hear those guitar parts, they’re all done live, man, and the new ‘Get Back’ movie that’s gonna come out, I was able to see some of that, Ringo took me to a private screening with him.

So I’ve been watching outtakes, there’s like 60 hours of ‘Let It Be’ that paints a different picture, it shows joy in the studio, laughter, and camaraderie, Yoko and Linda laughing in the room with everybody and shit like that.

It wasn’t at all what the press made. Those guys when they played music they forgot all that shit, and they played as they did.”

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