Toto guitarist Steve Lukather spoke in an interview with ‘Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon’ and talked about the time when he faced tough struggles.

He remembered 2008 and said:

“First off, at the time, I was beating myself up real bad, you know. I was going through a tough time. My marriage was failing, my mother died, I was drinking way too much because I was miserable…

It was a tough time in our career. I was seeing it falling apart, and I was falling apart. I needed to get away from it, I was getting sucked into just being negative, sarcastic and bitter. I needed to pull out and get myself together, and kind of figure out what to do.

I was living very unhealthy, my playing sucked, I was a negative person; maybe sometimes I thought I was funny because I was drunk, but I wasn’t funny at all, I was an asshole. I feel terrible about that. It was either do that [pull out from it] or lose everything.

So I decided, ‘Well, that’s it.’ I stopped drinking, smoking, cleared my brain out, I went out to a shrink for a while, and I started to do stuff on my own – working on my own projects, touring with other people, touring with solo stuff.

Mike Porcaro [late Toto bassist who died in 2015] called in, he needed money, [Toto keyboardist] David Paich was also on the phone, and I said ‘I’ll do it if [singer] Joseph Williams comes back and if Porcaro comes back.’

That was 2010, and it was so much fun. I looked around and said, ‘Well, there’s my high-school buddies.’ We were doing it for the right reason. It was a lot of fun, it was a new band.”

You can listen to the entire interview from here. Click here to source of the statement.