Alter Bridge singer Myles Kennedy spoke in a recent interview with Alive & Loud and talked about how tours are affecting the musicians as well as the community.

Most of the bands and musicians in both the metal and rock scenes would think about going for a tour after releasing a record because they want to promote the newest project they have done.

Of course, money is the thing that keeps the journey going. It usually encourages musicians to make new records. However, playing on the stage is not something that you wanted to do frequently, because it could bring frustration and exhaustion.

While most people would think about the money that bands and musicians have been earning from the tours and shows, Myles Kennedy explained why money is not the only important thing for the bands.

Myles revealed that you can sense your fans during the shows while they are singing together with you, and you can feel in those moments that you are hopefully helping another person out.

Because of that, touring is becoming much bigger than just an event. It becomes a thing where you can ‘give and take’ the happiness. Also, musicians and fans are connecting each other, and it creates a fellowship between the people.

Myles Kennedy on touring:

“All it takes is that moment on stage where a fan is, whether they’re just elated and you can see, you can sense it, and they’re singing every word, and they’re very animated, or if they’re crying, or if whatever…

Those are the moments that make you realize what you’re doing is not without a purpose. You are doing something that hopefully is helping another person out.

And therefore, you see that, and then it comes back to you. And it’s part of that ‘give and take.’ And that is the beauty of this, that is why touring is so important, it’s such a beautiful experience, the fellowship of music.”

In the conversation, Myles Kennedy also revealed the advice he got from late Motörhead singer Lemmy Kilmister, and he told Myles that touring so much is going to take away his life in the end.