Pantera and Damageplan guitarist Dimebag Darrell has passed away 14 years ago. A Pantera fan, Nathan Gale jumped onto the stage and shot Darrell in the head five times.

According to report of VHND, Dimebag Darrell was a huge fan of Eddie Van Halen. In an interview, Dimebag said:

“Lead guitar has been blown up in the past but there was a reson for it. You had badass dudes like Eddie Van Halen. He plays ‘Eruption’ and you go, “Shit, I never heard a guitar sound like that in my life.’ He was to our generation what [Jimi] Hendrix was to his.”

I’ve never learned more that two or three solos by any player, I was always after getting vide of the player, especially Van Halen. I still lsiten to Eddie before I go onstage, to get some of the spontaneity and liveness of his playing.”

Story of Dimebag’s Last Words

VHND wrote:

“Van Halen’s impact is further as the words “Van Halen!” were actually Dimebag’s last words spoken before he was tragiccaly muredered.

“Van Halen” was something Dime would say to his brother Vinnie before a live performance to inspire them both to play a fun, lively, rocking slow.”

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