Matt Heafy, the frontman of Trivium, has reacted to interesting photo-montage he found on the Internet.

As you can see below, Heafy’s photo has been added on Slipknot’s latest commercial band photo by someone who wants Heafy to join Slipknot.

Heafy wrote:

“Umm… I guess I’m in @slipknot now? Heck frickin yes! (I did not make this image; it was just sent to me but multiple friends via net) I am very stoked. Gimme a bat and a frickin keg and let’s goooooooo!”

A fan responded:

“Wow Matt confirms he is the mysterious new member of slipknot. 🥶”

Another fan said:

“Who else would actually LOVE to see what Matt would come up with in a collab with Corey/SlipKnot?!”

Another fan wrote:

“Now all you need is a badass mask and a jumpsuit.”

Check out the photo below.