Speaking in a recent interview with Metal Injection, Trivium guitarist Corey Beaulieu spoke about their plans for new album. He said that they planning to start working on new album in early 2019. Here’s the statement:

“We have an open slate for next year for most of the year so it’s seeing what pops up. We’re always writing stuff. There’s a bunch of riffs and demo ideas, just collecting ideas so when we start diving and really going into it we have a lot of stuff to pick from.

Paolo [Gregoletto, bass] has a bunch of riffs, I know Matt [Heafy, frontman] has some stuff and I’ve written a couple of songs already. We’re just trying to write as much as we can and we pick the best of the lot and go from there.

No idea when we’re going to put out a new record, but we talked about getting a head start and going into our jam sport at the beginning of next year, playing with some ideas, seeing what happens and go from there.

There’s no pressure from a label to get a record out right now, but we figured since we had some time off and spaced out the touring that we could go in and jam out some ideas and see what comes about. A lot of cool stuff happens when we’re in a room just jamming.

Having more experience touring and playing with Alex [Bent, drums] now, we can just go in there and see what we can build off of this last record. Who knows? Next year is kind of open, so maybe we’ll bust out a new record or maybe all of this touring will pop up.”

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