Trivium’s latest album “The Sin and the Sentence” was released in 2017. The band working on new materials but we need to wait for their new album until 2020.

Trivium guitarist Corey Beaulieu talked with 90.3 WMSC and explained the what fans should expect from their new album. He also said that new album probably will arrive in 2020. Here’s the statement:

“We definitely wanna work with Josh [Wilbur] again. We had a blast with Josh. For a long time – basically, since [2006’s ‘The Crusade,’ [2005’s] ‘Ascendency,’ we worked with [Jason] Suecof for a couple of records, and then, after that, it was like, every record was somebody different.

With Josh, we really love the way he mixes and makes everything sound. Once we worked with him and became friends with him, his personality and his vibe and energy is the perfect combo with how we are as a band and how we like to work and how we like the vibe of making a record. He fit right in.

He had the same… Like, if he was in our band as an actual band member, he would fit in perfectly with like the chemistry of the band. So we had a really fun time working with him. And he’s also from Maine, like me, so we got along really well.

Everyone in the band, as soon we finished that record, we were talking about wanting to do… ‘Can’t wait to do another record with you.’ So that’s definitely the plan, whenever that is.

We always are writing during downtime, so there’s always demos of riffs or songs or half a song. So we do have stuff to get started on, but we still have more touring later next year for this record. So, realistically, there probably won’t be anything until the following year. But maybe there will be a single for the record whenever – sometime later in the year.

So we’re definitely excited to start on new material, but we’re not gonna rush anything out at the moment. Matt’s [Heafy] having kids, so we got parental leave from touring for a little while.”

You can watch the entire interview from below.