The bassist of Trivium, Paolo Gregoletto was the recent interview guest of the Metal Shop and revealed their ideas as bandmates about the community call them like ‘New Metallica.’

Ultimate Guitar, transcribed Paolo’s statements about if those comparisons are good or bad for them.

Here is what he said:

“That’s a lot of pressure to put on a new band. I mean, thinking about that now, it’s kind of irrelevant to call a band ‘the next whatever.’ Because Metallica wasn’t the next Iron Maiden, Iron Maiden wasn’t the next Led Zeppelin… you’re gonna be what you are.

I think that maybe put a lot of pressure on us going into that record, I think we weren’t as focused and we also came right off the tour, right into doing the record.”

He continued:

“Again, you don’t really know how to follow up a record until you start trying to do it. It’s not really like a manual you’re given, so I think it was a good learning lesson for us.

“Fortunately, we kind of had a plan that we were going to be touring for a long time and this wasn’t going to be like an overnight thing for us, so while it might have felt like a misstep at the time. I think we learned a lot of good things from it.”

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