Trivium frontman Matt Heafy recently appeared on Rock Sound and revealed the details of his new collaboration with Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda while discussing the other things they are doing together these days.

Matt Heafy has been pretty busy lately as Trivium released their tenth studio album, ‘In the Court of the Dragon,’ on October 8, 2021. Heafy also revealed that he will be releasing a black metal record within the next year after finishing it during the lockdown. In the black metal project named ‘Mrityu,’ Heafy is working with Emperor frontman Ihsahn. Heafy had said that the name ‘Mrityu’ comes from Ashtanga yoga, meaning life and death.

Aside from working on a new record, Heafy has also been live streaming on Twitch, during which he shares cover songs alongside guitar and vocal practices. Mike Shinoda also entered Twitch during the pandemic and started streaming songwriting sessions. The two Twitch streamers eventually decided to collaborate, and they produced a track named ‘In Defiance.’

During the recent interview, Matt Heafy announced that he, Mike Shinoda, and Deadmau5 will be releasing a new song in the upcoming days. Heafy stated that he is a Linkin Park fan and being a Japanese-American also helps him create a special bond with Mike Shinoda.

Here is what Heafy said about his collaboration with Shinoda:

“Yeah, I’m a long-time Linkin Park fan, I’ve always loved everything he’s done. For me, growing up as half-Japanese, I never really had other Asian role models… And then when I found out he was half-Japanese as well – this is so cool, I feel this kinship to him. So it was great.

I saw that he started streaming on Twitch, and I just said, ‘Hey, we should collab someday and do something very different.’ And he started doing the ‘Produced By Shinoda’ thing, I sent him this eight-string song with streaming, and it was 10 minutes long, and all this crazy stuff, and he re-worked it into something truly amazing. We’ll do some awesome collabs the last couple of years, been able to do a song with Richard Marx, which was awesome.

Mike Shinoda, Deadmau5, and I are going to do a song now – he’s also a Twitch streamer. I’m about to do a song with the singer of Nightwish and the drummer of Sabaton, and I wrote this track that sounds nothing like any of the three of our bands, which is really cool.”

You can listen to their ‘In Defiance’ below.