Machine Gun Kelly received an offensive pun from Trivium vocalist Matthew Heafy for dissing Slipknot for their age and costumes. Heafy dissed MGK with a post on his Instagram account and then published another post that made fun of him using Fortnight references.

The 31-year-old singer, Machine Gun Kelly recently dissed Slipknot members for being 50 and going on stage with masks. There was already a dispute between MGK and the Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor, but MGK’s recent comment caused him to receive a lot of backlash from his fans, the Slipknot fans, and other rockstars.

One of the rockstars who couldn’t hold himself back from commenting upon this subject was Matthew Heafy, the lead vocalist of Trivium. Heafy posted a statement on Instagram that stated MGK is a 31-year-old, but he acts like a child on stage.

Here is Heafy’s diss:

“I’d like to formally diss Machine Gun Kelly for ‘being 31 years old wearing a fucking 16-year-old pop-punk cosplay identity on a fucking stage.'”

Heafy later followed up with another post where he posted a photo of himself and made a joke in the caption that stated that MGK has caught the Ligma variant. This reference wasn’t understood by most fans but it is a funny way to get someone to say ‘Ligma what?’ Which then would receive the reply ‘Ligma (Lick My) Balls.’ Ligma is also known as the illness that caused a character to die in the video game Fortnight.

Here is the second diss of Heafy:

“I’d like to publicly apologize for my tasteless comments about MGK. I just found out he’s been afflicted by the Ligma variant. It’s getting real out there. Thoughts and prayers homie.”

MGK seems like he is obsessed with people’s ages and may have an age complex himself. He stated that he defends the youth’s music and so, he decided to diss Slipknot. However, fans’ backlash reminded everyone that the. the singer is at no age to defend the youth as he is 31 years old.

It is also seen that there is no positive outcome for MGK dissing legendary singers but, he did post a tweet recently stating that his diss for Slipknot didn’t happen all of a sudden. The singer had a dispute previously with Corey Taylor, and therefore, he felt confident in dissing him on stage.

Here is what MGK tweeted about Taylor:

“Corey did a verse for a song on tickets to my downfall album, it was fucking terrible, so I didn’t use it. He got mad about it and talked shit to a magazine about the same album he was almost on. Y’all’s stories are all off. just admit he’s bitter.”

Even after revealing his side of the story, MGK continued to receive backlash from the fans. People even stated that the more he tries to explain himself the worse it gets for him. After Heafy’s post on Instagram, Austin Dickinson from As Lions, and Richard Shaw from Cradle of Filth reacted and laughed at MGK.

You can see Heafy’s Instagram post and MGK’s tweet below.

Photo Credit: Matthew Heafy – Instagram
Photo Credit: Matthew Heafy – Instagram