Trivium guitarist and singer Matt Heafy spoke in an interview with Fishman Music and explained how he gets his signature guitar tone.

He said that his secret is ‘Fluence Modern pickups’. Here’s the statement:

“For me as a player, I’ve always been about – it doesn’t matter who uses what; if my favorite guy uses this or that… I need to find what works for me and I’ve tried everything to make sure I have the right tone… For the last several years, I’ve been feeling there’s been something missing… I couldn’t tell what it was.

And the ‘a-ha’ moment for me was – our new record [2017’s ‘The Sin and the Sentence’], the first song is called ‘The Sin and the Sentence. The verse is just me down-picking with Alex [Bent, drums] playing hi-hat. And I kept noticing, ‘Man, is my timing terrible? I’ve been playing my whole life, my timing should be perfect by now.’ I was always off from the band.

As soon as I finally tried the Fluence Modern pickups – I tried them live, we played ‘The Sin and the Sentence,’ and I was like, ‘I’m a machine, locked-in.’ I was sold. I knew right away, from that moment.

That was one of those things that were bugging me – I thought it was playing, feel, I thought I was getting too into it or something, but it’s perfectly locked-in now. I didn’t know that was a component of what I was missing.

What I’ve seen is there’s less latency. And it must be micro-milliseconds of latency that I got used to. But whatever it might have been, it’s less now. And that is so huge for me. I’ve actually become a better player from these pickups – I really have.

Anyone coming to the show, our fans that have been coming for all these years are like, ‘Matt, you got better at guitar. What happened?’ When you have that good tone, that good feeling, and you’re inspired by an instrument or a piece of your gear, you don’t have to think about things.

I don’t have to worry: ‘Is my tone good?’ ‘Am I gonna hit these tones?’ ‘Is this clear?’… I didn’t know how much of a difference it would make.”

You can watch the entire interview from below.