Speaking in an interview with Build Series, Trivium frontman Matt Heafy explained their first jam session with new drummer of the band, Alex Bent. He said:

“It was quite a daunting task, ’cause when we knew it was time to make a drummer change again — and for those of you who are new with Trivium, we’ve had quite a few drummers; we’ve had four studio drummers in the band while the rest of us have always stayed the same. So it was definitely a question.

What’s great is when people the drums for the first time, when they hear ‘The Sin And The Sentence’ come in, there’s no question of why. They’re, like, ‘Oh, I get it. I know why you have Alex, ’cause he can do everything you ever wanted a drummer to do.’

When we first jammed with him, we had a lot of the music together, but it was sort of going one direction for the record. And when we heard him nail everything across the first seven records, and then we started talking about music and vibing into what else we liked…

‘Cause the big thing the three of us have always loved is metal, but also extreme metal, like black metal and death metal, melodic death metal, all the different subgenres of music. And we’ve had some drummers who don’t go as extreme as we like to.

When we heard what Alex liked to do and how he can play at 10 and can go extreme, it inspired all of us and I think the record started taking a much darker, heavier extreme turn at the same time. So it was definitely motivational to have someone like that.”

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