Trivium frontman Matt Heafy shared a funny moment from his recent stream on Twitch via his official Instagram account.

Besides being a great musician, Matt also has been streaming on Twitch for a while, and he also has become a Twitch partner. Now, he has over 200K followers on the streaming platform.

During his streams, Matt plays video games as most of the content creators do. But also, he makes creative content while showing how to write or play songs as well as producing and arranging the tracks.

Furthermore, Twitch sometimes bans their partners if they don’t follow the community guidelines or violation of the rules, and these content creators who got banned needs to wait until their ban gets lifted off.

As Matt shared a funny clip of his own on social media, where he tries to keep the voice calm during the creative content that says ‘I can take a man if I want to,’ he then said that this clip made him got banned.

However, Mike has been streaming on Twitch for days, and he is continuing to go live on the same platform right now. Therefore, it’s clear to say that he made a joke about it.

Matt Heafy wrote:

The clip that got me banned. Next stream 3 pm EST on”

You can check out the post below.