Trivium frontman Matt Heafy spoke in an interview with Music Radar and explained how he write metal songs after listen Metallica. He revealed first metal song he ever heard:

“It was ‘Pain’ off one of the early demos from the ‘Ab Initio’ release and that song would have obviously been inspired by Metallica. The first Metallica song I heard was ‘Enter Sandman,’ that was also the first metal song I ever heard.

He also spoke about Jason Becker’s “Altitudes” song and emotional guitar solos:

“I love the entire song. When you hear that song and you hear that record ‘Perpetual Burn,’ it doesn’t seem like a human being could be capable of playing like that. Because there are players that can be super shreddy who don’t have soul, and there can be guitar players who have soul so it doesn’t matter if they can be shreddy.

Jason is able to do everything and anything in between. I’ve been trying to casually learn ‘Altitudes’ for my entire guitar playing life and I’m nowhere near it. I’ve seen some guys that can do it. It’s something that’s the next level of skill.

I love classical music so much but I think I’ve got into classical through listening to guys like Yngwie and Jason Becker. Getting into it backwards and seeing how Jason took the electric guitar and made it feel like classical music. And I love that.

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