Trivium star Matt Heafy announced the release of his solo track ‘In Defiance’ by sharing a new post on his official Instagram account.

As Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, Matt Heafy is also streaming live on Twitch frequently, but he is not only making music just like Shinoda does. He also plays lots of games besides that.

The vocals and guitars were made by Matt Heafy in this song back in February, and the producer was Mike Shinoda who handled the song during his livestreams on Twitch for most of the time.

Besides having lots of metal sounds and screams as Matt has in Trivium, the song also has unique electronic sounds that Trivium never used before. It was so different from the others that even Matt himself mentioned this detail in the announcement.

Here is the official announcement from Matt Heafy:

“In Defiance produced by Mike Shinoda is finally here! Stream it on repeat for the rest of all time!

Arigato Shinoda-san for making this tune sound unlike anything I’ve ever created.”

You can listen to the song right below.