Trivium singer Matt Heafy recalled when he blew out his voice while talking about one of the most important songs in his career during a recent interview with Kerrang! Magazine.

During a performance at Rock on the Range in 2014, Matt blew his voice out after using wrong singing techniques and had to learn singing from scratch in the following year. At first, he could only use his clean vocals as they recorded ‘Silence In The Snow.’

In the next album, 2017’s ‘The Sin And The Sentence,’ Heafy started to sing with screaming vocals once again and thrilled the Trivium audience. Since then, they have released two more records with his brand new vocals. Matt wanted to talk about the ‘Until The World Goes Cold’ single from the ‘Snow’ album and revealed that it was recorded around the time he thought he would never sing or scream again.

While saying that this song has a special place in his career because it is one of the first songs he recorded after he relearned singing, Heafy also pointed out that this is the first single that reached the top 10 charts. Furthermore, Matt revealed that the producer never wanted this song to be released as a single, but they insisted. In this way, Matt showed why people should believe in themselves sometimes.

Matt Heafy on ‘Until The World Goes Cold’ single:

“I feel like we put constraints on ourselves with ‘Shogun,’ In Waves and ‘Vengeance Falls,’ but with ‘Silence In The Snow,’ there was a natural constraint built in because I’d just blown my voice out in 2014.

I thought I’d never sing or scream again. We determined that I’d been singing and screaming wrong my entire career so I had to relearn everything. I was a couple months into relearning it when it was time to make another record.

This song was our first Top 10 single in the States, and I remember the producer who did this record said it would never be a single. We said we wanted to shoot for this and we were correct. Sometimes it’s right to go with your gut against the experts.”

More in the conversation, Matt also talked about the legendary ‘In Waves’ song and explained why it is such an important track for him. Also, he mentioned how they recorded the song.