Troy Sanders, the heavy metal band Mastodon’s bassist and singer recently attended the Talking Rock with Meltdown podcast and talked about their upcoming album. Sanders revealed that Tool’s drummer Danny Carey gave them the advice to work with their producer.

Mastodon received their commercial success with their second album ‘Leviathan,’ which was a concept album based on ‘Moby Dick’ by the American author Herman Melville. They released their latest album, ‘Emperor Of Sand’ in 2017, and the band spent their pandemic working on the new album ‘Hushed and Grim,’ due for release on October 29.

Troy Sanders stated the advice given to them by Tool’s drummer Danny Carey. Apparently, the drummer of Mastodon called Carey and asked him to share his opinions on the producer David Bottrill. Carey stated that he wanted to hear a record by Mastodon produced by David Bottrill, the famous producer of bands like Tool and Placebo.

Here is how Sanders revealed the piece of advice Carey gave the drummer Brann Dailor:

“Our drummer Brann called Danny and said, ‘Hey, man, any words of wisdom, red or green flags with this guy?’ And Danny said, ‘I would love to hear a Mastodon record done by David.’ That’s all we needed to hear.”

Mastodon followed Carey’s recommendation and sent their demos to the producer. Bottrill was attracted to Mastodon and stated that he had some ideas for the upcoming album. The band loved his ideas, worked with Bottrill for ‘Hushed and Grim,’ and enjoyed the process of creating an album together. ‘Hushed and Grim’ will be released on October 29, and their fans are excited to hear the band’s work with Tool’s producer.

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