In an interview with Metal Wani, Mastodon bass guitarist Troy Sanders shared his opinions on Mastodon’s longtime journey and the harmony among the band members. Sanders stated that their passion for music is one of the reasons that has kept Mastodon together over the years.

Mastodon has been pursuing an uninterrupted music career for over 20 years. The band has released eight studio albums to this day, and their latest album, ‘Hushed and Grim,’ was released on October 29, 2021. Many think there must be some secrets that have helped them work as a harmonious entity since disbandments are very common in the music industry.

The interviewer also wondered about these secrets and asked Troy Sanders about them. Sanders gave two reasons for the band’s longevity. One of them is growing together, and the other one is their shared passion for creating music. Sanders said that they naturally change as they get older over time. However, for him, Mastodon members managed to grow together rather than grow apart from each other.

Later on, Troy Sanders continued by saying that their passion for music has definitely affected their long-lasting career. He explained that they try not to bring their egos forward, but instead, they try to complement each other. Sanders revealed that all they care about is creating new music and no one in the band takes a stand against it. They know how to be a real band, and they are determined to keep it.

Here is how Troy Sanders explained the two reasons for Mastodon’s longtime journey:

“I attribute the longevity to two main things, I believe. Number one is that we have, thankfully, over time continued to grow together. In any human relationship, you always hope for the best, but it’s very natural for people to grow apart. And that’s very normal — a normal thing to happen. So the good fortune and fate that we’ve stuck together and continued to grow together.

And number two is that we’re all still incredibly passionate about creating music. Thankfully, none of us have a personal writer’s block where… We’re not the main songwriters, so if someone’s only coming up with one or two ideas for this album, well, don’t worry — the other guys have you covered because we’re a band in the true sense of the word, I believe.

So the two points are that we’ve thankfully grown together, and we’ve all continued to share this… The fire in our bellies to create has yet to be extinguished. So those two things are keeping us together.”

You can watch the full interview below.